Comprehensive Review Of Wolfgang Puck Electric Gourmet Wok

Wolfgang Puck is well known as a celebrity chef who operates his restaurant at Beverly Hills and appears in television food shows. Recently, the passionate chef decided to indulge in the world of cookware manufacturing. He now operates a line of high quality kitchen appliances. One of his products is the Wolfgang Puck Electric Gourmet Wok. Read on to learn more about this amazing appliance from a leading chef.

– Multi-functional electric wok.
The 1800-watt appliance can be used to prepare a wide range of meals. It can stir-fry, sauté, braise and even steamer.

– 6-Quart capacity.
This capacity is enough for a medium-sized family or a small number of people in an office. The cooking interior tray is 14 inches in diameter and 4.5 inches in depth.

– Tempered glass lid.
The user can monitor food through the glass lid without opening it. The lid also helps in releasing steam. Included on the lid are stay-cool handles for safe and comfortable transport.

– Steaming tray.
This is included to help prepare vegetables, seafood and other meals that require steaming. It is designed to rest well on the wok’s rim.

– Removable temperature probe.
The probe consists of variable temperature settings to help prepare meals at the right heat levels. The user can set minimum, sear, medium, high and keep-warm. It features a quick-release level which allows for safe and easy removal.

– Steel half rack.
This accessory is ideal for lowering and lifting food in and out of the cooking interior respectively. It is designed to keep cooked food warm during the transfer process.

Dimensions: 16.9 x 9.8 x 17.1 inches.
Weight: 12.8 pounds.
Manufacturer: Not available.
ASIN code: B0022SZH0Q.
Product name: Wolfgang Puck Electric Gourmet Wok.
Product code/Item model number: WPWK0035.

The Wolfgang Puck Electric Gourmet Wok is built to North American Electrical Standards. It is UL & ULC certified and comes with safety features such as:
– Safety lid to eliminate accidental openings.
– Temperature control to prevent poor cooking and burning.
– Power fuse to prevent damages caused by electric current surges.
– Stay-cool handles to prevent skin burns.

– Can prepare a wide range of meals.
– Great for a small number of people and beginner wok users.
– Temperature settings to help cook at the right heat levels.
– Easy to set up and use.
– Easy to clean with its stainless steel material.

– The outer cover is relatively big which makes the wok occupy large kitchen space.
– It is also heavier compared to similar cooking appliances out there.

Customer reviews & conclusion.
The Wolfgang Puck Electric Gourmet Wok has 25 customer reviews online, with 21 customers giving it 5 stars and the other two people 4 stars. Its rating stands at 4.8/5.0 stars. Most customers are pleased with its ability to cook a wide range of meals such as sio pao, vegetables and meat. Other customers praise the wok for providing even and consistent cooking results. There are also customers who tout its ease of use and cleaning.

Generally, the electric wok is designed for people who want to make cooking a less complicated process. It is a good choice for medium-sized families or users who want to serve a small number of people in an office or any other settings.

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