Review Of Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

Looking for a fast, quiet and family-friendly dehydrator? Well, look no further than the Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator. This is the kind food drying & preservation machine that will ensure you avoid those poorly-stored products from the shop. The machine is spacious enough to cater for an average family and has top-notch features to improve your dehydration experience.

Key features.
– Horizontal heat distribution system.
This is a feature found in expensive dehydrators, but the manufacturer includes it in this machine to create a complete dehydrating unit. The system allows for even heat distribution across all trays.

– Patent converge flow system.
This system pushes hot hair through a pressurized chamber to allow for even drying. The user doesn’t have to keep opening the machine and rotating the trays when the food is being dried. This means that no heat loss or drying delays when using this machine.

– 4-tray capacity.
The dehydrator comes with 4 trays, but can be expanded to accommodate extra 16 trays. With this large space, the machine can preserve or dry large quantities of items at once. The trays are ergonimcally-mounted, making it easy to place items on to them and eliminating the problem of flavor mixing when drying various types of foodstuffs.

– Digital display control panel.
The user has great control over his or her food with the help of the control panel. Incorporated with a 48-hour digital timer, the control panel allows the user to program drying time. The panel also features a temperature control system that allows the machine function in a temperature range of 90˚F-160˚F.

– Opaque vita-save exterior.
This kind of exterior prevents harmful light from coming into contact with the food. So the food is protected from lights that destroy vitamins, minerals and nutrients or interfere with look, taste and flavor.

– 1000 watts, 2400-RPM motor & 4.5” fan.
The dehydrator is powerful with the 1000-watt rating. It dries fruits such as pineapple, banana & apple in less than 8 hours. The fan and motor make the machine four times faster than other machines without these two components.

Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches.
Weight: 8.9 pounds.
Power: 1000 watts.
Fan size: 4.5 inches.
Manufacturer: Nesco.
ASIN code: B00B9F7WJW.
Product name: Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator.
Product code/Item model number: FD-1040.
Warranty: 1-year limited.

No-spill fruit roll sheet with lips- Suitable for drying semi-liquids such as fruit rolls, sauces and soups.
Flexible Clean-A-Screen- Helps with drying of small items such as spices, potpourri and herbs.
Jerky spice packet & cure- Helps the user make jerky at home.

The Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator is built to the highest safety standards. It is approved by many safety and regulatory agencies across the world. The manufacturer has equipped the machine with safety features such as:
– Fuse to cut off power in case of a surge.
– Temperature control system to keep the machine at safe temperatures.
– Vita-save interior that doesn’t leak harmful substances to the food.

– Provides a lot of drying space with the tray-expandable feature.
– Can dry a variety of foods with the help of the temperature control system.
– Provides long drying time of 48 hours.
– Powerful enough to dry beef jerky and vegetables.
– Setting drying time is easy with the digital timer.
– Retains food nutrients, flavor and taste with the help of the vita-save interior.
– Eliminates the need to keep opening and rotating the trays.
– Trays are dishwasher safe.
– Its small size saves counter and cabinet space.
– Comes with an instruction booklet and recipes.

– The extra trays come at an additional price.
– Some people find it noisy, although it is one of the quietest dehydrators.
– Not suitable for heavy users of dehydration machines.
– Some accessories must be bought if dehydration of non-solids is required.

Customer reviews.
Most users are pleased by the numerous features of the Nesco FD-1040 1000-watt Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator. Some features that are highly praised include the expandable trays, digital display control panel and opaque vita-save exterior. As it stands, the dehydrator has 502 customer reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.

Generally, the Nesco dehydrator is simple & ease to use and suits everage families. It comes with sophisticated features to help dry and preserve a wide range of foods. It is cheaper making it a good choice for people with limited budgets or those who want to save on food dehydration.

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