Sensational Electric Kettles

Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric Kettle


Chefman RJ11-17-GP Precision Electric KettlePros:

If anyone would base the quality of this product upon the many reviews he or she could see online, then this is definitely a rock star. It is said to boil faster compared to stovetops and microwaves—mighty of an electric kettle it is.

You could use this for instant oatmeal and coffee purposes, but it is when you’re making tea that this device stuns. The infuser has super fine perforations, thus no possibility of even a single particulate infiltrating any place it mustn’t be getting access into. Yes that’s right, you can actually brew your  coffe or tea inside your electric jug!!

It could hold up to 1.7 liters of water, which equals to, more or less, seven cups in one brewing or boiling. You could keep your beverages at your desired temperature in as long as 60 minutes. You may leave this Chefman kettle on the countertop and go run errands all you want, and then come back with your coffee still hot. It’s just how it works. Also, thanks to the LED display right there at the base you got to worry never about where the temperature comfortable sits at any point in time.


A lot of folks laud its perfect built and sleek appearance. It really looks like something to last for ages. The opening and the closing of the lid is a complete breeze, and you could even have the covering stay open as long as you want. You may close it manually anytime. Another plus factor is the price. It is 40% less expensive than its closest competitor. But, man, it is impressive.



The opening could be a bit small, and it makes the cleaning slightly difficult. Your big hands may not fit, but you could always use some brush to clean the insides of the kettle. The last drop of tea or coffee also gets stuck in the rim, but is that even a problem?



T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living Electric Travel Cordless Kettle

T-fal BF6138 Balanced Living Electric Travel Cordless KettlePros:

To some, for something to look sturdy it must be manufactured using stuff like metal or stainless steel. Though this kettle is made of black plastic, it is pretty much solid and unwavering. The automatic shut down feature is a sure delight—the device turns off once the desired temperature is already reached, and whenever the kettle is separated from the base. In terms of temperature control, you could fully count on this. Black tea, white tea and green tea are entirely different things, and they need completely varied heat levels. No biggie as the aforementioned trick is going to take care of it like a pro. Also, this could hold up to a liter of water, which is a decent capacity.


With the base having the ability to spin a full 360 degrees, everything gets super easy. Placing the kettle on or taking it off of it does not need lots of effort on your part. This device also has a removable filter, which obviously aims to remove any impurities that may get stuck inside. As per user reviews, this does such thing perfectly. It also makes the cleaning part less hard as you got some kind of buddy taking care, say, half of the total work.



The level indicator becomes less visible after just one boiling. You got to clean it up so the next shot wouldn’t be much of a hassle. And, the leak… there’s mess almost after every boiling. But, the perfect antidote for that would be your looking closely so you could take the kettle off of the base as soon as the water bubbles and before something comes out of the device. It’s safe to say that you need to be extra careful when dealing with this.



Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric KettlePros:

There is just a massive number of interesting features about this electric kettle. First, it could contain up to 1.7 liters of liquid, which could make more than five cups of coffee or tea. This has got one-touch controls, thus no need to memorize certain combinations just so you could make a perfect tasting beverage. The LED indicators are a huge help for the eyes, and the fact that they’re blue makes them even cooler. For up to 30 minutes, you could keep your drinks hot, and it’s all because of this Cuisinart product’s “Keep Warm” option. Because it uses 1500 watts of electricity, it doesn’t take long for this thing to warm up. After a short time of waiting, you could already start boiling stuff.


Sometimes, there’s a need for you to get the kettle off the base for a while because you need to do some whatnots. This specific device does not stop working though you’ve lifted the boiler away from its stand for two minutes. Yet, this also has an auto shutdown feature if ever you’ve forgotten to unplug the appliance because, say, you’re enjoying your awesome tea. The scale filter is worth mentioning, too. This helps remove any impurities that may set in inside, therefore less hassle when it comes to cleaning.




The device is made of plastic, and it bothers some users as they find it not so safe. For some, however, this doesn’t make them worry at all. Also, the metal parts may get too hot during the boiling process, thus no physical contact with those if the kettle’s in work mode to avoid untoward incidents. The button’s placements do not feel comfortable, too. Others say they should’ve been put somewhere else. Some customers have also complained how heavy the device could get once it’s filled with 1.7 liters of water.




EPICA Cordless Electric Kettle

EPICA Cordless Electric KettlePros:

This electric kettle from EPICA is one of the cheapest ones in this list, price-wise. There’s something about inexpensive finds, right? Rest assuredthis kettle breaks through that stigma. This is made out of stainless steel, thus it has a really solid built. Also, its modish design is far from being a complete eyesore on the countertop. In fact it’s aesthetically pleasing exterior is what makes it one of the best electric kettles.

Aside from its stellar physicality, this has super fine features to boot!  It uses an electric power of up to 1500 watts, meaning it heats up faster than microwave devices and even stoves.


Furthermore, safety is a primary consideration for this appliance. As it boils, it automatically shuts itself down. It is also furnished with a locking lid, so when you close it, you are assured that it’s entirely sealed. No spills or leaks to worry about. The indicator light is a lifesaver, too. What do you think?  Just by simply looking at the device, you’d easily know that it’s on work mode or not.  The water level gauge feature is one fun thing. The kettle could tell you whether the liquid you put in there is just enough or might overflow.



During the boiling process, the metal parts get a little too hot for anyone to handle. Also, even without liquid inside, the device feels heavy. The level window could also do better. Others have complained about how somewhat difficult it is to see the amount of water that is already in the kettle. Some folks also wanted the lid to open a bit more so filling it in with liquid would require less effort.





Hamilton Beach 40870 Electric Kettle

Hamilton Beach 40870 Electric KettlePros:

This wouldn’t be a bestseller if it wasn’t bang-bang-bang!  That’s how intense the features of this product feel like. First and foremost, the price—in just less than US$ 30, you could already own this Hamilton Beach appliance and make coffee or tea or hot chocolate like never before.

With its power that is some 1500 watts, it boils faster than stoves and microwaves. The boiling wouldn’t ever be dry, thanks to its automatic shut down attribute. The handle is utterly ergonomic—not too small, not too big—and the spout makes it super easy for you to pour beverages into your cups. Speaking of cups, this could fill 10 of them. That said, a lot of folks could be served in just a single boiling session. The functions aren’t that complicated to deal with, and that is what a lot of customers like about this kettle.


Its outer appearance is not that bad, either. Its stainless steel plus plastic exterior is an awesome combination, giving it a very sleek finish. No need to hide this after every use as you could just leave it on the countertop looking like a boss all the time. The build is also not something to frown upon. It’s pretty solid, and, yes, looks like something that could keep you good company for a long time.



The lid has this spring-y disposition, so it can be uncontrollable at times. Whenever you push the button for it to open, it flails aggressively. What if whatever’s inside is boiling hot?  Just be very careful. Also, the level indicator is behind the handle, so the handle would always get in the way of the view. It’s in a pretty decent position, but the manufacturers could’ve done better. Apart from these two, there’s nothing seriously upsetting.