Top 4 Countertop Water Distillers

MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller (glass jug)


MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller


With this quality product from MegaHome, you can be assured that the water the whole family consumes is clean and safe. It can distill a gallon of H20 in five to six hours. So you are looking at 4 gallons a day, which is quite a substantial amount of water. It comes with six packs of charcoal filters, so rest assured that the whole decontamination process is thorough. Furthermore, this water distiller has a safety shut-off feature, which means forgetting to put this device to sleep after using it isn’t a concern.

The build is pretty solid, so to think that this product could hang about for years on your counter top is a quite feasible expectation. The inside portion is made out of some sturdy stainless steel. It looks kind of attractive with the white casing, making it fit for display (if you’re too lazy to store it away). Also, cleaning this thing up is not hard work. The package has a residue cleaner, so you’re salvaged from the hassle of buying it separately. Just a few seconds of scrubbing and this water distiller is, once again, good to go.

This is one of the best rated water distillers on Amazon It has quite a reputation, and a good one at that.


Because the interior is stainless steel for the most part, some buyers have complained that after several sessions with the product, the distilled water already tastes like metal.  This was not very common so if you do get this problem then you should return it for a replacement. Also, some customers are having a hard time pulling out the top covering. So, if you’re a little frail and old-ish, you might want to consider letting someone stronger do it for you.

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MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller (plastic jug)

MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller (plastic jug)


This one’s still a MegaHome product, but of a different kind. So, if you’re worried about the water you’re taking in, let this H2O distiller keep your anxiety at bay. Just like the previous item, the interior is made of top-notch stainless steel material, while the jug is made out of BPA free plastic. The size isn’t too big, and it’s something to be glad about. This is essentially destined to be on your counter top, thanks to its lovely design. Not an eyesore.

How much work can it do within a day?  It could produce up to four gallons (one gallon at a time) of extra clean water in 24 hours. (allowing for waking hours) But, how long does it take for it to get the job done?  In five to six hours, your water would be good to go. And, the water tastes so good!  Also, manual filling is very easy.  It also has a “safety shut-off” feature to keep your mind at ease. And, the plastic collection bottle is made of Polypropylene—which is BPA-free—so you do not have to worry about your water being contaminated.

The residue cleaner that comes with the package you life a lot easier. The ones that can be bought over the market are not as effective as the MegaHome variety, says one Amazon reviewer. It wouldn’t even take you minutes cleaning the device. A few scrubs are enough.


Same as above

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Water Wise 8800 Water Distiller

Water Wise 8800 Water DistillerPros:

While each of the three Megahomes distillers can produce up to four gallons of purified drinking water a day, Waterwise 8800 can make six full gallons of potable H20 in a span of 24 hours. If that isn’t laudable, I don’t know what is. It combines steam distillation with carbon post-filtration, resulting in optimum water purity, says its product description on Amazon. The water tastes wonderfully clean -If you’re a health buff, make sure you got this at home.

This Water Wise genius is also edging over the others with its user-friendly electric monitor, which has a multifunction LCD readout. You can start the distillation process before you go to bed and let the device purify the water while you’re dozing off. First hour in the morning, you’d have the cleanest water in your entire life!

To make you even happier, know that this water distiller is easy to clean.


The carafe can be a bit of a pain in the ass. It’s a little tough to transfer water from the distiller’s built-in container to another container. Zero spills… quite impossible. Also, after a few years, you’re going to need to replace a number of old parts as they may not be working properly anymore. But, that’s just the way it is, isn’t it?

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