West Bend 6-Quart Stainless Pressure Cooker Review

Do you enjoy cooking? The west bend pressure cooker is a must have for you. As compared to other cookers in the market, the 6 quart west bend pressure cooker is smaller although for some that may be a good thing.

Most of the cookers in the market today have a capacity of 8 quart. This 6 quart cooker is perfect for someone who is living alone and small households. What I like most is it is the multiple settings that can be quickly and easily changed so that you can brown the meat then lower the heat to get the meat tender via slow cooking and it is super quiet!

1. Safety.

Safety is very important when it comes to cooking. This westbend pressure cooker has seven safety measures put in place by the manufacturer to ensure you don’t have disasters. Some of these safety measures are the availability of a dial to release pressure and child locking lid when touched as well as extra heavy duty handles. The child lock feature is essential  for those people who have young children at home, you only need to turn your head for second and they are up to no good.

2. Accessories

A tray, spoons and measuring cup (1 cup capacity) are just but some of the few examples of accessories that come with this cooker.

3. Cleaning

The cooker has an inner pot that is can be easily removed from the base for clean up. Many of the pressure cookers in the market offer this feature, but not all of these cookers do. Also it has a non stick surface.

4. Multi-function

This is another selling point of this cooker. Here is a quick summary of the functions; high or low, slow cooking, steaming or browning and a setting that keeps your food warm. These functions have made this pressure cooker very versatile as it can handle the various ranges of food types available today. Settings of this cooker are also adjustable for those users who like a little more when it comes to flexibility. The inbuilt pre-set functions should not limit you when it comes to the west bend cooker.

5. Warranty

The west bend pressure cooker comes with a one year warranty. This is a standard time for most appliances these days, although there is usually an option to extend that for a small fee.  Some customers experienced leakages from the cooker’s lid have been so make sure you keep your receipt, however this however is not a commonplace problem with this specific west bend pressure cookers.

6.Extra Thoughts

You can also use this for canning food. You can make a tender juicy roast complete with potatoes and vegetables in under an hour.

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